Hotels in Quetzaltenango

There are a number of attractions in town, and it’s also a good base for exploring Guatemala’s Western Highlands.

Situated at the southwest of the country, the surrounding department has a variety of landscapes extending from the cold highlands to the warm Pacific coast. There are numerous volcanos, hot springs, valleys, mountains, rivers.

The region provides a harvest of numerous products such as coffee, wheat, fruits and vegetables, as well as sheep and cattle breeding.

Recommended Hotels in Quetzaltenango by Antigua Tours


Pensión Bonifaz

This magnificent colonial family-owned Hotel was originally started by Mr. Bonifáz senior on March 7, 1935 and today is one of the best hotels in town with capacity of 75 rooms.

Pension Bonifáz is conveniently located across the main central park in Quetzaltenango, which is the center for most commercial and entertainment activities in the city.

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