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Antigua Tours LLC has specialized in Cultural Tourism in Guatemala since 1992. We offer personalized itineraries based on traveler’s needs and requests. We offer efficient travel throughout the country with new vehicles, licensed guides and great rates on hotels and airlines.

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Volcanoes…Truly one of Guatemala’s biggest attractions

Truly one of Guatemala’s biggest attractions is the breathtaking views of its volcanoes! The country has so many volcanoes due to the Ring of Fire along the Pacific coastline. It affords incredible hikes and spectacular vistas! With more than 288 volcanoes, only eight are active. These volcanoes are formed by tectonic plates coming together. The North American, Cocos and Caribbean plates all meet in Guatemala! Guatemala also has the tallest peaks in Central America with Tacaná towering at 13,425 feet and Tajumulco Volcano the highest at 13,845 feet!

Antigua Guatemala is surrounded by three volcanoes – Agua, Fuego and Acatenango. Walking to work every day, I am always amazed at the views. A peak to see if Fuego is puffing, perhaps some clouds on Acatenango and Volcano Agua always gives me a perspective of my size in the universe of things! While Antigua is nestled in a valley at 5,000 feet, Volcano Agua –known by the Maya originally as “Hunapu” — towers above at 12,352 feet. Fuego is constantly spewing smoke as we admire it from our colonial town, and Acatenango is the tallest in our area at 13,041 feet.

The most popular hikes include Pacaya and Acatenango – near Antigua – and San Pedro Volcano at Lake Atitlan! Most volcano hikers enjoy Pacaya volcano (8,366 feet) as it is a short drive from Antigua and a 1 ½ hour hike up to the look out to observe eruptions of ash and lava at close range. The crater is not accessible as it IS active! Acatenango is for the more adventurous. Visitors to Lake Atitlan have taken incredible photos as they hike San Pedro Volcano (11,496 feet) as it rises above one of the most beautiful lakes in the World!

Contact Antigua Tours for reservations for YOUR volcano experience. We offer tours to Pacaya, Acatenango and San Pedro Volcanoes!

Elizabeth Bell, an expert in the cultural history of the UNESCO site of Antigua Guatemala, opened Antigua Tours in 1992 and loves touring participants around this magical city. Author of seven books, countless articles and award winning for her preservation efforts, Elizabeth brings to life special details through this blog.

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